Village X

Village X

The village for our first basic income intervention is chosen, based on the prevalence of a poverty-indicator: the type of roof of the houses. If a lot of straw or other natural materials are used, it means that there is no money to invest in proper housing. We consider these people to live and survive in poverty. An intervention in a village with a lot of these houses shows the relevance of this choice.

Steven, the co-founder of Eight and a documentary film maker went to Uganda to choose a village according to poverty indicators and usefulness for a documentary. He came back with very nice footage of the perfect village. We call it village X. The people don’t know yet that we are going to give them a basic income for 2 years. They do know that we’ll do a study on the life as it is in a village in Uganda. The leader of community (LOC) thinks it is interesting and sees opportunities to link his community with the outside world. We hope to give an extra positive twist by providing a basic income to everyone in the village!

We choose not to use the real name of the village for 2 reasons. We need to raise money first before we promise them a cash transfer. And we follow the reasoning of Give Directly that there is a risk that if the village is publicly known that the cash transfers, once proven to be successful, will become one on one. That’s not what we want, we want to initiate a broad change, not a Western Union like company.

The village will be made accessible for independent research to monitor the effects of our intervention. In that way the effects of donating money will be transparent, without having to give away detailed information about the village.

Article by: eight

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